Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Application of Terms and Conditions

1. The accommodation contract of our hotel and related contracts shall be based on the items indicated in this contract. The items not regulated in this terms and conditions shall be based on related legislation or custom law.
2. The hotel shall observe this terms and conditions for items related to credit card reservation. The detailed items of credit card reservation shall be based on the terms and conditions of the credit card company and hotel franchises.
3. The hotel may accept the special contracts within the scope of terms and regulations purpose, legislation, and custom law regardless of the terms and conditions for all paragraphs.

Article 2. Rejection of Stay

The hotel may reject the stay for following cases.

1. For reservation not made based on this contract.
2. No available room due to fully booked.
3. When the guest may conduct deed which violates accommodation-related legislation, public order, or traditional customs.
4. When the guest clearly has an infectious disease.
5. When the guest asks for unnecessary compensation in regard to accommodation.
6. When the guest has pet, dangerous drug, explosive or weapon.
7. When the hotel cannot accept accommodation due to disaster, malfunction, or other inevitable reasons.
8. When the guest cannot stay in accordance with the items regulated in the Korean legislation.

Article 3 Clarification of Name and Other Items

1. Name, sex, nationality, and occupation of a guest
2. Other items required by the hotel

Article 4 Check-In Procedure

On the check-in day, a hotel guest shall register following items on the hotel front desk.

1. Items indicated in Article 3, Paragraph 1
2. (For foreigners) Passport number, visa type, and arrival date
3. (For natives) Date of birth
4. Check-out date
5. Other information required by the hotel

Article 5. Check-In Time Check-out Time

1. Check-in time is 2:00 PM.
2. Check-out time is 12:00 PM.
3. For delay of check-out time until 2:00 PM, 11,000 won (VAT Included) will be charged per hour.
4. For delay of checkout time until 4:00 PM, 50% of the room rate will be additionally charged.
5. For checkout after 4:00 PM, the room rate for a night will be charged.

Article 6. Payment

1. Payment shall be made at the front desk upon check out or request of the hotel. The payment shall be made with Korean currency, coupon, or credit card. Personal check is not accepted.
2. The room rate will be charged even if the guest did not stay at the hotel after check-in.
3. All room rates are charged based on the number of beds in the room (except suite), and you may get additional charges for extra guests.

Article 7. Refund and Cancel Regulation

On the check-in day, a guest shall register following items in the reception desk of Best Western Harbor Park Hotel.

1. If the guest doesn’t show up or reservation is cancelled on the check-in day, the room rate for a night will be charged.
2. Cancellation and change of reservation is available until 2 days (72 hours) before the check-in day.
3. For cancel made on the check-in day, 100% of the room rate for a night will be charged.

Article 8. Liability

1. In regard to liability related to hotel stay, a guest shall be liable upon check-in at the hotel or upon guided to the guest room. The liability shall be completed when the guest check out the room.
2. In regard to potential accidents caused by negligence of the hotel’s terms and conditions, the hotel shall be liable for the accidents.
3. When the hotel fails to provide a guest room for the confirmed reservation, the hotel shall arrange the accommodation of the same or better level and shall compensate 100 % of the room rate for the first day.

Article 9. Receipt and Return of Room Key Card

1. During check-in, a guest shall receive room key from the front desk. During check out, a guest shall return the card key to the front desk otherwise shall pay for the charges.
2. When a guest loses the room key during the say, the guest shall report the loss to the front desk immediately
3. When a guest checkout without returning the room key, the guest shall return the room key immediately via mail or other methods.