Image and Information Processing Policy

Article 1. Grounds and Purpose on Installation of Image Information Processor

Harbor Park Hotel installs and operates information professor for following purposes in accordance with Article 25, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Information protection Act.

  1. - Facility security and fire prevention
  2. - Crime prevention for safety of customer

※ For facilities which may accommodate more than 30 vehicles, the facilities may install and operate information processor in accordance with Article 6, Paragraph 1 of 「Enforcement Regulation for Parking Lot Act」

Article 2. Number of Processor, Installation Location, and Filming Range

설치 대수, 설치 위치 및 촬영범위 내용
Number of Processor Installation Purpose and Filming Range
About 140 Security Areas, Safety Areas, Public Areas, Areas Equipped with Facility and Equipment

Article 3. Chief Manager and Person with Access Authority

At Harbor Park Hotel, following workers are in charge of personal image information to protect customer’s image information and handle complains related to personal image information.

관리책임자 및 접근권한자
  Belong To Name Position Contact
Chief Manager Harbor Park Hotel Facility Team Yongduk Yun Team Leader 032-770-9612

Article 4. Filming Time, Storage Period, Storage Place, and Processing Method of Image Information

영상정보처리기기 취급 위탁 내용
Filming Time Storage Period Storage Place
24 Hours One Month Main Control Room

Processing Method : Harbor Park Hotel records and manages items related to usage for other purposes, provision to the third party, deletion, and access to personal image information. In expiration of the storage period, Harbor Park Hotel deletes (shredding or incineration of printed information) the information completely. The deleted information cannot be recovered.

Article 5. Method and Location for Checking Private Image Information

  1. - Checking Method : To check personal image information, visit the hotel after contact the administrator with access to hotel’s image information in advance.
  2. - Checking Place : Department which has access to CCTV (such as security management office)

Article 6. Measures for Subject’s Request on Accessing Image Information

Customers may request the person in charge of image information processor if they wish to access, check presence, or delete the personal image information. It shall be limited to personal image information filming the requesting subject or personal image information necessary for clear emergent life, body, and property profit of the subject. Upon getting the request on access, checking presence, and deletion of personal image information, Best Western Harbor Park Hotel will take necessary measures immediately.

Article 7. Measures for Security of Image Information

The image information processed by Sanha Information Technology VINA Co.,. is maged safely through encryption measures. Also, Best Western Harbor Park Hotel assigns discriminatory access to personal information as an administrative measures for protecting the personal image information. Best Western Harbor Park Hotel also records and manages the date of creating the personal image information, accessing purpose, accessor, and accessing date to prevent forgery of the personal image information. The hotel also has locking devices for safe physical storage of the personal image information.

Article 8. Items Related to Change of Privacy Statements

This policy for operation and management of image information processor has been legislated in September 19, 2014. In addition, deletion, and revision of the contents in accordance with the change in legislation, policy, or security technology, the hotel will make announcements on reason for change and changed items at Best Western Harbor Park Hotel homepage at least 7 days before the change.

Date of the 1st Announcement : Aug.01.2018