• Check In
    You may check in from 15:00.
    The room has various furnishings based on the number of guests.
    To check in after 22:00, please contact us in advance.
    Smoking is prohibited in all the hotel areas. Please smoke at the designated place outside the hotel.
  • Checkout
    Please check out before 11:00.
    You will be charged extra fees for check-out delay. Please check out before noon.
    You may extend check out up to one hour. You will be charged 11,000 won for extra extension of one hour.
    (For checking out after 16:00, you will be charged one night accommodation rate.)
  • Cancellation policy
    Cancel/change before 2 days : 100% refund
    Cancel/change before 1 day : 50% cancellation fee
    Cancel/change on the check in day : 100% cancellation fee
  • Internet
    Free Wi-Fi is available in all the guest rooms and public areas of the hotel.
    (ID is indicated in the room key holder. Ask the password to the front desk.)
    You may use Internet through Wi-Fi or LAN cable. (Lan cable is not provided)
    You may rent charger at the front desk. (Deposit is charged)
  • Additional Charge
    33,000 KRW for additional bedding, 33,000 KRW for kids Indian tent.
    KRW33,000 for 1 extra bed per night